Millennial smash on toast

OK ok, avocado smash on toast. So easy so nice..


1 ripe avocado

juice of half a lime

less than half a clove of garlic crushed to a paste with a pinch of salt flakes

1 small dried chilli – finely chopped, seeds removed

the other half of the garlic clove

2 slices of decent crusty bread

some nice extra virgin olive oil.


Half the avocado, remove the seed and skin and roughly chop. Place it, the garlic paste, chilli, lime juice and a little pinch of salt in a bowl. Mash it up with a fork.

Toast the slices of bread on a griddle pan or toaster. Once nicely browned, rub them gently with the remaining half clove of garlic and drizzle the olive oil over it.

Arrange the toast on a plate and pile the smashed avocado over it. Eat.

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