Simple, easy and good when you happen to have a pot of clotted cream and jam just lying about in Waitrose waiting to be bought so that you can make these!!


250g Self-raising flour

50g unsalted butter (or salted if that’s all you have) at about 20c.

10g sugar (caster or granulated but stick to golden or white as any of the darker varieties will make you scones dark)

1g salt (that’s what I think “a pinch of salt” is)

130mls full fat milk (or other milk). Best not to add it all at once – start with about 100mls and more bit by bit


Crumb together the butter and the flour, then add the other ingredients and mix it with a knife as this will prevent you working it too hard, developing the gluten and making them too chewy. Once incorporated turn out to a lightly floured surface and with lightly floured hands, bring the mixture together to form a doughy bal. You can add more milk to bring it together.

Press or roll it out to about 3cm thick – certainly no thinner than 2cm. Cut them with a round cutter (resisting the temptation to twist the cutter). Or, I guess, cut them into squares? Press together the left over offcuts and reshape and cut out until you have used all the dough.

Arrange them on a silicone baking sheet and brush the tops with egg yolk. Cook at 220c (conventional setting) for about 15mins.


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