Apparently you eat this with milk or yoghurt but I eat it on it own, with a spoon (Who am I kidding, I eat it with my fingers!!). This version is for our sons breakfast/ anytime snack so I’ve reduced the sugar and following the suggestion of Kate Williams, i have used egg whites as a substitute for the extra sugar so that some clusters still form. If you prefer, you can double the sugar, or equivalent amount of sweet syrup of your choice.


250g rolled jumbo oats

50g ground almond

50g mixed seeds

50g chopped, blanched and skinned macadamia nuts

50g chopped, blanched and skinned cashew nuts

50g dark brown muscavado sugar

50g runny honey

30g olive oil

1 egg white, whipped to a foam


Mix all the ingredients except for the eggs together, then fold in the egg foam.

Press into an oiled baking sheet. I use PME cake release for this kind of thing.

Bake at 130c (conventional setting) for about 45min- 1hr. Turn it half way carefully in sections and try not completely crumble it all up!

Its ready when it has a lovely golden colour and feels dry.


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