IMG_0969These are one of my favourite veggie standby’s. I have previously always used tinned chick peas but since I got a pressure cooker, I found that I can get a less squishy chick pea by using that. But feel free to use tinned as it does allow for a complete lack of organization, on the planning what to have for dinner front! They form a great centerpiece of a little collection of dishes for easy midweek entertaining.


250g dried chickpeas

bunch of coriander, washed

1/2 red onion, peeled and quartered.

2 garlic cloves, peeled

1 tsb cumin powder

1 tsp coriander powder

50g chick pea flour (gram flour)

Zest of a lemon

Salt and pepper to season

Sesame seeds

Oil for frying (sunflower or rapeseed is good)


Add 750mls of water to the rinsed chickpeas in a pressure cooker. Replace the lid and bring to full pressure, cook for 40 minutes, then take off the heat and allow the pressure to reduce inside before removing the lid. Drain the peas and set aside.

In the food processor, chop the onion, garlic and lemon zest. Add the chickpeas, gram flour, spices, salt and pepper.

Form the mixture in to little golf balls in your hands. It’s easier if your hands are a little wet. Set them on an oiled tray or plate and let them cool in the fridge for about 10-20 mins. Sprinkle the sesame seed on a small plate and press one side of the falafel onto them.

Fill about 1/3 of a wok with the oil and heat to about 180-190 deg centigrade. Fry the falafel in small batches and remove to a bowl lined with kitchen roll.

Serve with wedges of lemon, warm pita, hummus, and red cabbage pickle….. and olives and greek yoghurt. The more little dishes you can add to the tray the nicer.

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