Passion Fruit Cocktail

So…. It turns out that the time demands of having a second child and being a full time consultant anaesthetist in a teaching hospital is so time consuming that Blogs become a little hard to keep up. That’s my excuse for not writing anything since 2015! I thought how better to restart than with this fantastic cocktail.

I’m lucky enough to have a Boss to Go smoothie maker (although I’ve never used it to make a smoothie!). It’s great for all kinds of sauces and grinding. As it comes with two cups, i keep one for aromatics and spices and one for things like fruit and cocktails (where the residual taste of garlic, ginger and chili may not be ideal). In this recipe, you literally put it all in the blender, switch it on and then filter it!



4 passion fruits

100mls Rubicon Passion Fruit juice

2 unwaxed limes (unwaxed is quite important as you’re going to blend the whole thing – skin and all)

4 teaspoons Golden granulated sugar (or caster)

4 shots of Smirnoff vodka (Red)



Chill 2 glasses

Add all the ingredients except the Vodka into the blender with 4 cubes of ice. Blend until really smooth. You may need to add more passion fruit juice if it’s too thick.

Strain the whole lot into a jug and then add the Vodka.

Add more ice (and more passion fruit juice to taste if required)

Divide into the two chilled glasses and enjoy the peace and quiet of both kids soundly sleeping…… oh no wait…. damn.

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