Eaton Mess

So easy … and I cheated and bought the meringue nests. Ripe, sweet, vibrant berries and the white meringue and Chantilly cream make this a striking and simple finish to any summer meal.


Washed and chopped berries. I used, fresh strawberries, blackberries and cherries (stoned)

150mls double cream

2 table spoons of caster sugar

6 meringue nests


Wash the fruit and allow to dry. Cut the fruit into quarters or halves depending on their size so that they are all roughly the same size. Mix them gently in a bowl.

Whisk the cream and sugar until it forms soft peaks and no further (it can turn to butter if you get too carried away – especially if, like me, you use a handheld electric whisk).

Spoon a table spoon of the cream into the nest and then a table spoon of the mixed fruit over it. Allow some to drop artistically onto the plate.


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